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Water Purification Systems Cornelius

There are many choices for purifying your homes water; unfortunately many people buy a water purification system that is far above their needs. Smooth talking salesmen working hard to generate sales are usually the result of overspending on a whole home water purification system in Cornelius.
I prefer not to be pressured into a purchase and that’s the way I work with my customers. I offer solid advice on what water purification system would best suit your needs and many times a small system will accommodate the homes in our area.
The first step to cleaner, healthier water is to test your water for its PH level. This is a test I provide for free; it’s rather quick and very accurate. Understanding where you are is essential to getting where you want to be. Like a road map, we will map a route to better water and testing is critical.
The PH test will determine which direction we need to move in to purify your water. Our water is typically considered “Hard”, which basically means the PH is 8.5 or higher. Scale will build up on faucets and plumbing causing a restriction of the water flow with hard water.
Acidic water will test out at 6.5 PH and will generally stain clothes and have an acidic taste to the tap water. 7 on the PH scale are perfect and what we target when we install the water purification system.
Knowing where you are best defines how to get where you want to be and testing your water will determine absolutely where you are and then we determine what system bests fits your needs. Installation takes about a day, sometimes two, but clean healthy water will soon be flowing into your home.
Steve Goodrich
Lake Norman Plumbing

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