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We are blessed to live and work here in the Piedmont of NC, more specifically Mooresville and the Lake Norman & Cornelius areas, its wonderful here!
There are unfortunately no perfect worlds, even Mooresville has drawbacks. Our water is less then excellent, that’s why you see so much advertising on healthier living with good quality water. A few short years ago, bottled water was not even a thought (bottles were for soft drinks), but today water is a huge business.
Sales of bottled water have tripled in the past decade with the industry enjoying over 4 billion dollars in sales annually. Americans will consume approximately 10,000 times more bottled water than tap water, on a per gallon basis per year.
I am not upset with the bottled water industry, but instead prefer to educate my friends on the benefits of water, how to maximize those benefits and save money. The solution is simple, Water Purification System. Filtering all the water before it enters your home has many more benefits than imaginable and saves you lots of money annually.
Our hard water causes scale in our plumbing, faucets and appliances, thus reducing the efficiency and life cycle of these expensive products. Eliminate the scale and appliances will last longer and provide better service, saving you money. How much money do you spend on bottled water?
Bottled water is filtered; why not filter your own? With a whole home water purification system, every glass of water from your tap is as clean and healthy as bottled water (even more so than some bottled water).
If you are tired of the hard water in your Mooresville home and the large amount of money spent on bottled water, call me to discuss a water purification system, you will be surprised at how affordable and efficient they are.
Steve Goodrich
Lake Norman Plumbing

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